⚫ Woodbridge police warn of the driveway sealing scam

⚫ These scammers drive around in utility trucks preying on the vulnerable

⚫ If you think you've been scammed, call the police

WOODBRIDGE — Have you heard of the “Seal Your Driveway” scam?

Woodbridge police are warning residents about this fraud by scammers attempting to sell people faulty products to make their driveways look finished and pretty.

The scam is alive and prevalent in the township and this is not the first year police have seen scams of this kind.

The scam is always done by an illegitimate business that can no longer be contacted once they leave the scene, said Woodbridge Police Officer Michael Harris.

He said these actors will drive around the neighborhood and prey on people who are vulnerable, such as the elderly or those where a language barrier may be present.

They will always be dressed as handymen or in some time of construction apparel and work boots, and they’re always operating a utility or pickup truck that resembles a legitimate business, Harris said.

In the township of Woodbridge, people must have a permit to solicit, he added.

House exterior with garage and driveway

If you are approached by one of these “workers” looking to seal the driveway, or maybe fix the roof or trim the trees, Harris said never hire them on the spot.

“I would ask them for any type of identification, and a business card and then give them a call. Hey, I’ll give you a call. I’ll check out your reviews on Google or whatever search engine you may have. Then, go from there and see if they’re a legitimate business. If they are, then go from there. But I would definitely not recommend hiring them on the spot,” Harris said.

These scams typically happen when the weather is warmer because you would not seal your driveway, fix your roof or trim your trees in the winter, Harris said. While they have been prevalent in Woodbridge, everyone across the state should be on alert.

If someone feels like they’ve been a victim of the driveway scam, Harris said to call the police department. Never doubt calling. It’s better to be safe and it never hurts to call.

Don’t get into an argument with the scammer or take matters into your own hands. Let an officer do his or her job when and if they’re able to make contact with the scammers.

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