The subject of self-serve verses full-service at the gas pump is fiercely debated in New Jersey.


Nevertheless, Greg from Freehold took the chance to set the issue before Governor Chris Christie on Thursday night's edition of Ask the Governor.


Greg called in to ask, "Can you get that put that on the ballot next year some time so that we can decide for ourselves wheather or not we can pump our own gas?"

Christie's answer was immediate and definitive.

"Never going to happen," Christie said.

The governor says there's no interest in either political camp to pursue the matter, adding that he gets his head handed to him when he goes out and talks about this.

"People in New Jersey love the idea that they got somebody to pump their gas," Christie says. "They just love it."

Where do you stand? Self-Serve or Full-Service? Post your answer in the comment field below.

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