With many colleges in New Jersey canceling classes and sending students home for online learning for the rest of the semester, one wonders if there will be a discount on the tuition bill. Room and board, meals, the college experience. Will they be pro-rated? Here's another question. Why send all the students back to their communities to be in contact with a wider range of potential sick people and then ask them to come back in April, if there is no outbreak at that particular institution?

They're taking action out of an over-abundance of caution for the safety of our young people. And that of course is a noble cause. But does it make sense and will I get a refund? Of course the bigger question is "why send your kids to indoctrination factories with senseless course requirements?"

Much of what they'll get doesn't prepare them for much of anything of value in the real world, outside of a handful of important majors like science, engineering and medicine. But that horse has already left the barn. The question still remains: will you get a refund for this semester? That's about as likely as your college president booking his or her summer vacation in Wuhan, China.

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