On a recent trip to one of my favorite supermarkets, I noticed two adorable little doggies alone in a parked car next to mine in the lot. They looked friendly and cute, so I peeked in and caught a glimpse of a really cool automatic sign on their dashboard display.

The message reads, "My owner will be back soon," and in smaller print it says, "Don't worry the heater is on and it's 68 degrees."

We're not sure if every Tesla has this feature, but it sure is a game-changer. What we do know is that even responsible pet owners have been attacked by "do-gooders" trying to virtue signal how much more caring and compassionate they are to animals. Some of them can't wait to pounce on the owner when they return to their car, regardless of the outside temperature.

It's the kind of society we live in today: "I'm superior to you and would never do what you did!"

Just a generation ago people would be more willing to help than judge, but here we are. Maybe social media is to blame, or people are just getting more narcissistic in general. But either way, people seem to be far more interested in judging and scolding people than helping them out or minding their own bleepin' business.

Maybe this little display is the start of stopping the finger-wagging busybodies in one small way. With technology perhaps the possibilities are endless. We know the virtue-signaling sure is!

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