After the mixed results on Super Tuesday where Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both emerging with momentum making this a two man contest.

A few takeaways for me.

First, Bloomberg’s money couldn’t buy votes and popularity. Money certainly matters in politics, but only if you have a message which resonates with voters. The arrogance of Bloomberg trying to manipulate the process backfired and showed in the results. Although he did win American Samoa’s six delegates.

Second, Bernie Sanders should have stuck to being the outsider/populist instead of the socialist who apologizes for brutal communist regimes. His comments about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro having a ‘literacy program’ was absurd and hurt him for sure. Normal democratic voters are not embracing communism and he should have known better.

Third, despite being gaffe prone and older than the President at 77-years-old (Trump is 73), he is surging in delegate count after so many in the media had written him off. Seems that the entire game plan for the establishment Democrats is to prevent Bernie from being the nominee. It’s no surprise that the former candidates are flocking to Biden, hoping perhaps to get the crumbs off his table if he is the eventual nominee.

Fourth, although the stock market has had a wild ride over the past couple days, largely fueled by media hype over coronavirus, the economy is really strong. Going to be very hard for any Democrat to effectively take on President Trump.

That said, New Jersey Democrats will head to the polls on Tuesday, June 3rd with the eventual nominee needing 1,991 delegates on the first ballot. It’s possible if the upcoming contests split along similar lines the delegates to put Biden or Sanders over the top will come out of the New Jersey primary.

Here’s a look from ‘270ToWin’ at the upcoming delegates to be awarded before our near ‘last in the nation’ primary:

Upcoming delegates from 270ToWin
Upcoming delegates from 270ToWin

Florida, Illinois and Ohio are coming up later in March…stay tuned!

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