In this world of political correctness there is one group of people you can be as nasty as you want to without recourse and that would be smokers. People will walk up to them with phony coughs, sour faces, hand waves etc. They have decided that we shouldn't smoke and more and more places in New Jersey are banning it. The latest places to consider this are the Wildwood and North Wildwood boardwalks and it could prove costly if you get caught.

First there would be warnings "please watch the tram car and by the way no smoking," then in 2018 violators in Wildwood will face a fine of $1,000 or up to 90 days in jail, in North Wildwood it would be $250. It may be worth doing the time if they will let you smoke in peace!

I don't smoke, but I used to. Tobacco is perfectly legal and heavily taxed. If New Jersey can take their money, then they should be allowed to smoke, especially on an open air boardwalk! If you're close enough to get second hand smoke from someone on a boardwalk, then there are several other diseases you should consider as well.

By the way, today's smokers are so happy to be able to smoke somewhere that if they see that they are bothering you, they will move, unlike the person changing the stinky diaper at a restaurant table.

The reasons cited in several reports are discarded cigarette butts have caused trash can fires and pose a health hazard. I'm sorry, when was the last time you saw a trash can fire started by a butt on the Wildwood boardwalk?  Don't remember hearing about a run of them.

People also talk about discarded butts littering the boardwalk. If we're going there, then let's ban candy and soda whose wrappers and cups also cause a problem. Mark my words, it won't be long before soda goes the way of the cigarette.

Before the good people of Wildwood vote, they should consider how much money smokers spend on all the other things they have to offer besides cigarettes.Thanks to all the smoking bans, you have this under served population that can be capitalized on.

I'd use smoking as a selling point, in fact I'd even put back those stands where if the ball hits the right colored cupcake holder you win a carton!

I love going to Wildwood. I take my family there every year in the summer. I don't even notice the smokers because I'm having too much fun on the rides and at the restaurants.

It's a shame that there are also people there who spend more time worrying what other people are doing than having a good time. I hope if they do ban smoking in Wildwood that those people spend their entire time there next to people with gas!

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