This past week, New York State made recreational weed legal. They join New Jersey and at least a dozen other states in allowing people to consume cannabis just like beer or wine drinkers can enjoy their preference in stress relief and recreation.

Both states boast that it will alleviate "social inequities" in arrests and convictions for minor marijuana use, which is just a cover for what they're really both after. TAX MONEY!

It's long overdue and senseless to keep prosecuting people for what should be a decision adults make for their own health or recreation. But that's a debate that we can have at another time.

The big difference between the New York and the New Jersey law is that you can grow your own in the New York version of the law. In the Empire State, you can grow three plants per person and up to six in a household, realizing the dispensaries will be charging about as much as street dealers and maybe not everyone can afford it.

So, if you grow three plants and know what you are doing, you can cultivate enough for personal use to last you through the year. Not so in New Jersey even though voters wanted it.

Our state doesn't allow you to grow your own. You have to buy it from one of their licensed dispensaries so they can get the tax money. Which is the point of the whole thing. Not "racial inequities", not your freedom or liberty as an adult to make your own decisions about your own choices. It's about the MONEY.

The state is broke and borrowing money like your alcoholic brother-in-law with a gambling addiction to pay for all the public pensions that they cannot sustain for much longer.

So, if you want to "grow your own", move to New York. If you want to contribute to the reckless, careless, Soviet-style, out-of-control, big government empire that is New Jersey, buy it here for more than your street dealer would have the balls to charge ... even on a desperate Saturday night.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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