"Cory Booker. Hypocrite. Very sad."

You'll excuse me for using Trump's tweeting style, but it truly is sad to see any politician be so blatantly hypocritical and phony to posture for future political gain.

Our U.S. Senator Cory Booker testified on Capital Hill this week against his colleague and friend Senator Jeff Sessions. Less than a year ago, he said publicly he was "blessed and honored to work with him" in an event honoring civil rights pioneers, but then this week took the "political opportunity" to trash him in a speech against his likely nomination as U.S. Attorney General.

I'm an independent and I hate people of either party playing identity politics, and this is just that at it's worst. Can we please try to see people on the merits of their deeds rather than their color, gender, sexual orientation or whatever? This kind of rhetoric for political gain only divides the county more and more.

President Obama was in a unique position to bring the country together like no other political leader could have, and instead widened a divide that had been steadily narrowing over the last two generations. Is it any wonder the country went for a REAL nut job over the typical phony politician? Key word here is REAL.

Like him or not, the people are tire of the phony hypocrisy of career politicians like Cory Booker.

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