Recently, one of my colleagues at one of our South Jersey stations, Josh Henning, wrote about the possibility of all New Jersey shore towns allowing us an option to have digital beach badges.

After seeing what he argued (and I urge you to take a look), I 100% understand his point. We've had physical beach badges for so long that perhaps now is the right time to move to a more digital method.

Parking, for example, has already shifted. Although physical meters do still exist, apps for our phones, or even QR codes, seem to be the direction we're going.

So I do get it, and the point Josh makes is valid. However, I don't think I agree that more towns should have this option. In fact, not a single town should consider digital payment to enter our beaches.

Before I share my reason why, let me first share my thoughts on beach badges in general. And I can promise, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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No digital beach tags

As mentioned above, I 100% agree with my colleague who argues that every shore town should have digital beach badges. But, I only agree with that if we must have them.

The reason I'm against a digital option is because I'm against the logic that we have to pay to use our public beaches in the first place. We should be doing the opposite and figuring out ways to remove the need for these ridiculous tags.

Now yes, part of the problem is on us. If we generate garbage while using the beach, we should make sure we carry it back out with us.

But outside of that, New Jersey is so out of touch charging to set foot on public sand. So no, we shouldn't have beach badges in the first place, digital or not.

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