So now that you got your bread and milk or whatever else you bought to get you through the blizzard of 2017, what are you going to watch? Hopefully not all those TV news people standing in the snow some with rulers, telling us what we already know.

I'm guessing the number one television binge is going to be 'This Is Us" especially with the season finale airing at 9. It's either a great time to catch up on the episodes you missed or rewatch from scratch and take it until the end. If you do that, just make sure you pick up tissues when you're at the store, in fact you may actually need a towel. Not to give anything away but "Jack" may actually be the perfect beverage during the finale.

I recently discovered a show called 'White Collar" which I can't believe I didn't know about when it aired from 2009-14. ION runs it all day Sundays and by the time the day ended I felt like Peter Burke and Neil Caffrey they were part of my family, then again I wanted to send a mass card when Lenny Briscoe died on Law and Order.

What's your blizzard binge? Comment below!

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