So far in this year of 2020, we've had a pandemic, we've had protests, and if you're looking to add something that begins with a "P" for what's next, how about a presidential election?

We are less than five months away from deciding who will be running our country for the next four years. If you believe the late-night hosts and many celebrities, you would think that President Donald Trump would lose in a landslide. Think again.

In fact, as late as yesterday, Bruce Springsteen, on his pay channel radio show, implored "the man sitting behind the resolute desk, with all respect, sir, show some consideration for your countrymen and your country and put on a f*****g mask."

For those who are wondering where "resolute" comes from.

Thanks Pete, and thanks to all who have participated in my Twitter poll put up Wednesday night simply asking "If the presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?"

Although I asked the question as a topic on my show on New Jersey 101.5, I posted it on my personal Twitter account @realstevetrev too. It blew up faster than any poll I ever posted, with Trump way out in front.

This is a very tough year for presidential candidates. Basically, it's either re-elect Trump or vote for Joe Biden. They say the backup quarterback is the most popular fan favorite. Let's say if Biden were the "backup" candidate should you not want Trump, we're not exactly talking Nick Foles or Jeff Hostetler here.

There's a Styx song called "Rockin' the Paradise," which contains the lyric: "We need long term slow burn getting it done and some straight talking hard-working son of a gun."

Based on what you've seen from these two men, which do you feel fits that description?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Steve Trevelise. Any opinions expressed are Steve's own. Steve Trevelise is on New Jersey 101.5 Monday-Thursday from 7pm-11pm. Follow him on Twitter @realstevetrev.

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