We were a little late to the party, being that the holidays have all come and gone. Last night, we had a special Chanukah moment when we decided to build a gingerbread "Chanukah House".

Why now? Well, we never knew these existed and happened to find one on sale at Target. I thought this was the coolest idea, since gingerbread houses are usually Christmas themed, and it's the first time I've ever seen a Chanukah House (or would you call it a Chhhanukah Chhhhouse?).

My daughter brought the kids over and you've never quite seen faces light up the way the kids' did when they got a look at the box. They couldn't wait to get their little hands (and mouths) on the contents inside! They planned and dreamed about the designs they'd frost onto the house, the cool little candies and sprinkles they'd "glue" on. They worked out who would do what, I mean this was gonna be the BEST PROJECT EVER!!!

!So we readied the kitchen table for what we were sure would be a few hours of good clean wholesome family bonding time! And then (sad muted trombone plays here...). Well, you'll see what happens next.

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