As most of us know by now, the spotted lanternfly has arrived in New Jersey. Even though the lanternfly itself is more of a nuisance, the real danger is in its eggs.

Ironically, this invasive species' preferred tree is another invasive species that grows all over the Garden State. An invasive species that was brought from overseas back in the late 1700s.

Although it has a heavenly name, the tree of heaven is anything but. Brought to this country as a way to beautify our landscape, the tree of heaven has since taken over throughout New Jersey.

Since the spotted lanternfly prefers this tree over other varieties, it's important to know how to identify the tree of heaven to look for those egg masses.

What to know about the spotted lanternfly & tree of heaven in NJ

How to identify the tree of heaven, one of the most likely places to find egg masses from the spotted lanternfly
Invasion of the Lanternflies
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Aside from knowing where to find their egg masses, it's just as important to learn some strategies of how to catch and kill the spotted lanternfly.

Check out Kylie Moore's list below for tips and tricks you can use to combat the spotted lanternfly.

8 ways to battle the spotted lanternfly in NJ

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