Lifestyle website Thrillist published a list of the most underrated places in every state. Normally, the traveler in me would bookmark this article for future road trips and adventures my friends and I go on, but after seeing Thrillist's choice for New Jersey, I have to question their judgement.

According to Thrillist, the most underrated place in New Jersey is Point Pleasant. They came to that conclusion thanks to the boardwalk being an entertaining place for families, as well as having a good party scene.

I'm not about to go on an anti-Point Pleasant rant, but I don't think Point Pleasant is underrated at all. Just look at the gigantic crowds that appear in Point Pleasant between Memorial Day and Labor Day. All you need to do to see Point Pleasant is in fact not underrated, check out the amount of people in and around the Point Pleasant boardwalk on a Saturday in July. It's a popular spot for tourists and people around the tri-state area looking for a quick getaway. Thousands upon thousands of north Jersey and New York residents flock to Point Pleasant every summer. I remember when my mom would let me play hooky while I was in elementary school in Staten Island to spend the day in Point Pleasant. Even on a hazy June Wednesday, it's still hard to find parking or a place to sit on the beach without having your personal space violated.

How could a town that so many people regularly visit be underrated? It can't be. This is a question that we as New Jerseyans should have the final say on. After all, who knows the state better than us? There are so many ways you could go, since there is something for everyone in New Jersey. Whether you're a frequent beach goer, an avid hiker, or a party animal, we've got you covered in New Jersey. What do you think is New Jersey's most underrated town and why?

For me, the most underrated town I've ever visited in New Jersey is Hopewell. I've been a Monmouth County resident for most of my time in New Jersey, so my knowledge of Mercer County and west Jersey has room to grow. I went there for brunch one day with a few friends, and had no idea what to expect. We wound up spending the entire day in the downtown area. The atmosphere was very laid back, and the food and drinks were outstanding. Since that day, I've found reasons go to back several times. One of which was learning more about the mystery of the Hopewell cows.

What is the most underrated area in New Jersey? Let us know on Twitter or in the comment section below.

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