It's really wild to walk outside and hear the constant hum from the millions of insects that have crawled out of the earth for their once every 17-years appearance. For us, there is literally a carpet of cicadas on the lawn.

I have to admit that before my wife Jodi took the video of the bugs in our yard, I was taking care of some of the weeds on the walkway and burned a few. Have to admit they actually smelled pretty good. I'm not going to try them, but I know that some of you will.

How is the swarm near you? If you've got video or pics to show the rest of the state where they aren't enjoying "cicada summer", please send them through our free NJ 101.5 App. Make sure you subscribe to the "Bill Spadea Channel" and send me a note! If you're daring enough to try one for a snack, don't hesitate to send a recipe.

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