Donald Trump and M&Ms were up for discussion Friday night during Gov. Chris Christie's fifth appearance on the Tonight Show.

Noting it was Christie's first appearance on the show since quote-unquote "suspending" his presidential campaign, the governor said "that's a politic-ese  way of saying I lost."

Fallon held out hope Christie could re-enter the race, to which Christie said "yeah, I don't detect a lot of pent up demand for that." 

When Fallon joked about making fat jokes about Christie, the governor said the host's jokes about him makes his kids cry. "That's because you eat their food," said Fallon sliding in another weight joke.

Christie said he chose to endorse Trump because he decided he was "better than" Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

The governor said he doesn't think Trump would ask him to be vice president, and then said as he looked back at his cardboard cutout stare "that's basically what you do." He joked the he'd maybe like to play tambourine with Fallon's house band, The Roots, once his term is up.

Christie threw it right back at Fallon after the host showed a picture of the infamous Christie "stare" during a Donald Trump press conference.

"This is what you'd look like standing behind Jay Leno when he was doing his monologues," said Christie. "If you're used to talking, it's awkward not to talk. So if you're standing there, I'm listening."

Fallon, wearing a New Jersey lapel pin similar to Christie's, said he would have moved out of the shot and let Leno talk — and then placed a life-sized cardboard cutout of Christie staring behind the real governor.

"I like that. He looks serious. He's listening," Christie said as Fallon talked over him describing Christie as looking like he didn't know where he was. Fallon pulled out his own cardboard cutout stare to which Christie said "that's what you look like every night."

Fallon turned the discussion to what he called "the M&Ms scandal" and showed a picture of Christie pouring a bag of the candy into a box at a Notre Dame NCAA March Madness tournament game in Philadelphia. 

"I'm an enthusiastic fan," Christie explained. "The bag is flimsy. I'm gonna get up, I'm gonna cheer, the bag could spill out all over the place. You have the box, you're all set. You don't lose an M+M. I don't want to lose an M+M. Not one."

"I've got something better," said Fallon, handing Christie a gold bowl with "CC's M&Ms" engraved on the bottom. "Donald Trump doesn't have this at games."

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