Growing Pains actor Alan Thicke died suddenly doing something he loved; playing hockey with his son. He was 69 years old and on the ice when he suffered a massive heart attack. He had just complemented a shot made by his boy Carter. He had two older sons, Brennan and Robin. You'll know Robin Thicke from the song "Blurred Lines." For Alan Thicke, it was natural for hockey to be one of his passions. He was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario where he joked, "Kids skated out of the delivery room. Your mother owned a hockey stick." But his biggest passion was his kids. Brennan and Robin were from his first marriage and he took custody of them at 11 and 9 years old when he divorced. So the role of Jason Seaver as a work-at-home psychiatrist and likable, devoted father came naturally to him. He was part of the fraternity of 80's TV dads that included Bill Cosby of The Cosby Show and Michael Gross of Family Ties.

Growing Pains was never a favorite show of mine but I don't mean that in any disrespectful way towards Alan Thicke. It just didn't click with me. As far as TV dads, I think there were more realistic ones. I'm always aware that dads are people before they are fathers and we all have some flaws. That's why one of my favorite TV dads of all time was Jack Arnold played by Dan Lauria on The Wonder Years. That was the most bittersweet show and the father the same. He was worn down by life and often cranky as hell, but his love for his family and his devotion to them was rock solid. I nearly cried when in the final episode it was revealed Jack died at a young age.

For years Bill Cosby often topped the list of best TV dads. Now with the sexual assault allegations, I have to wonder if he'd get any votes whatsoever since it's hard to separate the actor from the role.

So was Alan Thicke Jersey's favorite TV dad of all time? I'm listing a dozen of the most popular TV dads for you to vote on, but feel free to vote 'other' then put your choice in the comment section.

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