Being sick with COVID-19 could mean wanting nothing more than to stay in bed, under the covers, and shut the world out. Unfortunately, in order to feel better, you have to get up, put on a mask, go out and pick up your prescription.

That’s about to change.

DoorDash and Uber have partnered up with Walgreens to provide free delivery of Paxlovid, the COVID-19 oral antiviral therapy, to the doorsteps of those in need.

Through the initiative, patients with a prescription for Paxlovid being filled at Walgreens will be able to have their medication delivered directly to their homes through DoorDash at no additional cost.

Walgreens-Paxlovid delivery (Photo Credit: Walgreens)
Walgreens-Paxlovid delivery (Photo Credit: Walgreens)

The aim is to reach those in socially vulnerable or medically underserved areas at a time when COVID cases are rising again across the U.S. According to the Walgreens COVID-19 Index data, overall positivity rates have reached 36 percent this week, alone.

“The pandemic has shown the urgent need for collaboration across the public and private sectors, and we look forward to working with our partners at Walgreens to ensure that those who need these critical COVID-19 treatments can access them in an equitable way,” said Elizabeth Jarvis Shean, Vice President of Communication and Policy at DoorDash.

Eligible patients must have a Paxlovid prescription from a healthcare provider. After the pharmacy has filled the script and before it gets picked up, individuals can go online to select Same Day Delivery by visiting this site, the Walgreens app, or by calling the store.

Doordash food delivery app to NJ schools
(Doordash/Shannon Duncan)

There are more than 8,000 Walgreens locations offering same-day delivery services, including more than 200 in New Jersey, giving many people access to this program.

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