Anytime you see the headline with the name “Chris Rock” – you’re either ready for some kind of offensive joke – or you’ll laugh.

Today was no exception.

While discussing the release of his new movie “Top Five;” Rock made reference to how good the Today Show is doing up against “Good Morning America.”

According to this he said:

"The 'Today' show is doing well." "You have Ray Rice's wife. Take that 'Good Morning America.' The 'Today' show has the wife."

Eliciting nervous laughter from Lauer, who mentioned that he should have gone to commercial 30 seconds earlier, Rock wasn’t finished.

"We'll show you Robin Roberts!" "Matt Lauer's gonna get sick next, watch!"

Caution: the following video will cause you to grab your pearls in horror!

Just to add some perspective on the matter – if that's possible - the other night Mel Brooks was featured on an edition of “American Masters.”

There was plenty of funny stuff - a fair amount of it would be either politically incorrect by today's standards. Especially his perspective on creating “The Producers,” and why the parody “Springtime for Hitler” was written. It wasn't done necessarily to shock – but to take some of the stigma out of referencing Hitler – and making him look ridiculous – despite the horrors committed at the hands of the despot.

While this might be a stretch - it could be the same with Rock’s brand of “humor.”
This is what a good many comics do - go up to the line and see how much of the envelope they can push

In the case of Rock, if he’s not stepping over the line, he’s not “doing his job!”

Do you find Chris Rock’s reference to Robin Robert’s cancer on the Today Show funny?