It's one of those one-thing-led-to-another situations. First Bill Doyle had to be home for a few weeks because of surgery. So I've been working with Joe Votruba on air until Bill gets back. That means Kylie Moore is filling in for what Joe normally does.

So our first week of the three of us working together, Kylie got this stupid Rocket Man song by Elton John stuck in our heads all that week. Every time one of us would get over it, another would start singing it and put it right back in our heads. That led to a Friday when I said, "Let's close out the show right before 7 with the three of us singing the damn thing on air." So a singalong ensued, with two of the three of us having horrible singing voices of course.

That in turn led to us doing it the next week too, but this time with Piano Man by Billy Joel. Joe even brought in a harmonica and tried to play along during those parts in addition to off key singing. It was karaoke at its worst! So now it's kind of becoming a thing. On Tuesday's show we asked people if we continue this little tradition, what's a great belt-it-out kind of singalong song? Many people had great suggestions. But there were only four we could all agree on as being potentially worthy.

We ask you to vote here for which of those four songs we could possibly butcher next. This is a non-binding referendum. Heck, we're not sure if we'll even really do another one. But if we do, we might just go with the popular vote. Now if we end up doing it again, we ask that you be listening between 6:45 and 7:00 this Friday and sing with us wherever you are, belting it out with all your might. Yes, even if you're at a red light with potential for embarrassment.

The next singalong song for Friday night should be:

Don't Stop Believing by Journey

You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

Summer Of '69 by Bryan Adams

Tempted by Squeeze

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