Is teaching young children about gun safety through a cartoon known as the Eddie Eagle program a good idea – or as one gun control advocate feels – likens it to the “Joe Camel” marketing campaign making cigarettes more appealing to kids.

Recently an assembly was held at the Myron L Powell Elementary School in Cedarville to teach kids about gun safety.

Not whether guns are good or bad – just about what to do if they spot a gun left in a place where it shouldn’t be.

The program was sponsored by the NRA which puts together the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program – and thusfar has taught 26 million children in all 50 states.

During the assembly, the kids watched a cartoon featuring a character known as Eddie Eagle, dancing to a catchy jingle

"Stop!" the kids shouted with the cartoon. "Don't touch! Leave the area! Find an adult!"

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program was put together by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and, according to its website, has taught 26 million children in all 50 states.

Officer Craig Johnson of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office stressed that the program is less about whether or not guns are good or bad, feeling that it’s the parents’ job to do that – but mainly about gun safety.

However that’s not an opinion shared by Bryan Miller of Heeding God's Call, a faith-based gun-violence prevention group, which compares Eddie Eagle to Joe Camel, the defunct, cartoon camel and cigarette mascot, in that he feels it makes guns appealing to kids.

"Parents who willfully or not willfully put their children in proximity to guns are doing, in my view, a very bad thing." "In too many cases, someone gets hurt."

For kids who are exposed to firearms, they need to be taught that they are not toys. I think that stands to reason. No matter who does the teaching. Whether it's through a program at the school sponsored by the NRA, or done at home.

However, as we’ve recently seen in the death of 6 year old Brandon Holt of Toms River, who was shot by the 4 year old son of neighbor Anthony Senatore – recently sentenced to three years in prison for leaving his weapon unsecured and accessible to the children in the house – maybe the gun safety cartoon needs to be shown to some parents as well.