Chuck Berry was the first member inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and fellow member Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez reveals what happened the night Berry played with the E Street Band in College Park, Maryland along with Jerry Lee Lewis." I played drums behind a lot of guitar players and the one thing that they all have in common is that everybody know Chuck Berry songs," Lopez recalls.

Before the show Berry walked into the dressing room asking the band if they knew Chuck Berry's greatest hits volume 3. They said they did, then Berry set down the rules. "When I stomp my foot down, you stop and if I call you a **** you smile."

When Chuck came out to the stage the fun began as Chuck reacted to Bruce trying to impress him by playing a Chuck Berry lick by shutting his amp off. Later, Berry goes up to Vini after he and Bruce do a musical exchange and says "hey, you're not smiling."

It gets better as Southside Johnny, who at the time was just John Lyon, and Berry heard him backstage messing with his harmonica, pulled out by his neck and gave him a solo.

Vini tells it much better on the message he left for me here.

Lopez also tells the story of how he managed to be the only member to get Berry's autograph.

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