First of all, I had to google Nils Lofgren. I've heard the name but didn't know what he did. He was the longtime guitarist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. He has joined Neil Young and Joni Mitchell and asked Spotify to pull his music from their streaming service.

Apparently gone are the days of rockers pushing back against "the man" and whatever the mainstream and the government says.

These out-of-touch, frightened musicians are upset because Joe Rogan, whose podcast streams on Spotify, dared to interview some people with a different point of view.

The topic was "the virus", the shot, and any treatments for "the virus." Did he ask some guy in a bar their opinion? No, he had a renowned heart surgeon and the man who was instrumental in developing the technology involved in mRNA vaccines.

Spotify Hosts The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
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These people along with the like of Howard Stern are frightened little children who have bought into the cult of "anything the experts say to keep us safe." They're calling for censorship when they'd be the first to complain if any platform were to censor their music or opinions. Some of the mainstream media might be coming around.

The so-called "experts" have gotten so much wrong in the past two years but rather than seek real answers, these cowards seek to silence those whose points of view might be different from theirs.

The reason Rogan is so popular and so well compensated is that he is genuine. People relate to him and trust him.

To call any opposing point of view or even inquiring "misinformation" should give everyone chills. It makes you wonder whose side these frightened little children would have been on during the American Revolution. Actually, the answer is pretty obvious who they'd side with. Thank God Nils wasn't a popular lute player in the 18th century. It's shocking, dangerous, and very disappointing.

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