Some members of the Legislature are practically begging Gov. Murphy to get the money out to those displaced by the lockdowns, immediately. Many members of both the Assembly and Senate are hearing from their desperate constituents that they need help now, in the form of their own tax money that pays for these programs.

So far Murphy has said he's looking into in but he doesn't think that many people haven't received their relief checks. Tell that to the thousands of New Jersey taxpaying residents who have been forced out of their jobs due to these ridiculous restrictions on businesses.

Many have not received any of the money in the relief package passed by Congress back in December. People are in desperate situations. One New Jersey resident and new mother named Savannah Krout told ABC7 in New York, "We're in the process of selling our car to pay for diapers for our daughter". Others don't know how they'll pay their mortgage in the next months.

The people are reaching out to their elected representatives, but they are powerless and Murphy has taken complete control of power in Trenton and no one is doing anything to change that.

He is so out-of-touch with the common resident of New Jersey as much as he tries to relate in his thrice weekly dog-and-pony shows he puts on. BUT because he's soft spoken and not angry or emotional, people buy his act like a gullible NYC tourist getting conned in a three-card Monty scam. People are desperate, governor. Get off of your power pedestal and do something to help these people!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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