It’s enough that what happened at the Capitol last week is being described by some as “the worst incident in American history.” Or “The new 9/11”. I’ve actually heard and read these comments describing the incident.

People, it was bad and it was wrong and it was stupid and certainly very frightening to those inside the building. But let’s stop being overdramatic.

Let’s be clear: people who showed up to the rally expecting it to be a just rally or protest are not responsible for the melee inside the Capitol building. I have friends who went to Washington with other friends to protest the same way those vagina hat-clad women did a couple years ago. Neither group would expect violence. None of my sane, bright, freedom-loving friends would ever consider storming the Capitol building.

But now, anyone who even drove down to Washington to be there is being considered as loony as the ones who went in.

According to, some apparently radical Hunterdon County “anti-racism” coalition called “The Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition” has a petition on to pressure a county official to resign from her post.

Hunterdon County Board Director Sue Soloway is being asked to resign for having ATTENDED the Capitol rally last week. According to the piece, Soloway said in a statement Monday that she was at the rally but left before the attack on the Capitol, when the crowd began to get out of hand.

But the facts don’t matter to these people. The fact that she was anywhere near the building that day makes her — according to these nitwits — a racist, a terrorist, and a bad person. According to the article, Soloway said, “We observed the crowd up front pushing to try to enter the Capitol grounds, I grabbed some video on my phone, and, concerned for my own safety, quickly left the area."

Later, video from Soloway’s cell phone was actually sent to the FBI for evidence to HELP with the investigation.

Do I really need to defend this woman? Do I really need to defend anyone who decides to go to Washington and protest anything? Do I really need to explain the difference between someone who drove down there to protest and someone who entered the building specifically to be violent?

And will we hold other protesters in the future to the same standard? Oh that’s right. We don’t have any other protesters anymore. We don’t need them. We got Trump out, and wasn’t that the whole point? Now we’re just being silly. And get ready. The silliness has just begun.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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