Some kids apparently have a better understanding of the Constitution than the ones teaching them.

When asked to submit to a breath-test for alcohol, Sasha Chhabra and Kevin Petrovic said, “No.”

The screening was mandatory for entrance into Princeton High School's May 24 prom, but the two seniors said it was a violation of their Constitutional rights.

“There’s your right against self-incrimination, that you’re innocent until proven guilty. You also have a right against unwarranted searches,” Chhabra said today.

Princeton Superintendent Judy Wilson said Chhabra and Petrovic were the only two students who refused to submit to the breath sensor. She said she “highly respects” the students’ arguments and said they were very courteous in refusing the test.

At a pre-prom meeting, a school official told the students that anyone refusing the screener would be assumed to be under the influence and would be subject to further testing, Chhabra said.

He argued that violated the Fourth and Fifth amendments to the Constitution, which protect citizens against unreasonable searches and against self-incrimination.

“If there’s reasonable suspicion … If I’m misbehaving, if I’m acting rowdy or if I’m appearing drunk, maybe you have grounds to search me,” Chhabra said.

“But if I’m just another student with a good record, strong academic standing and have never been written up for any instance before — and I’m assumed to be guilty — I think there’s something really wrong with that.”

Whoa! Someone has a future as a Constitutional scholar!

Hopefully not like another Constitutional scholar we know of!

By the way, you may remember back in ’06 when I, along with my former partner, sponsored something called “Prom 2” for a group of seniors attending North Hunterdon High School’s prom.

In that case, at the original prom, 13 students were suspected of alcohol use.

Again, suspected.

Eight eventually came up negative, but had to miss their prom because the police didn’t have the proper equipment to test the students; who all had to be taken to a nearby emergency room; thereby missing their prom.

Key word here: suspected.

So with that, the Posse Poll:

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