Want to get angry? Get a load of this. Two Hudson County school superintendents are sitting at home reportedly collecting very hefty paychecks at taxpayers’ expense.

According to NJ.com, the two in question are Frank Gargiulo and Marcia V. Lyles. Garguilo is collecting $279,000 even though he hasn’t been in charge of the district (Hudson County Schools of Technology) overseeing its 2,600 students since September. The district says he is on “sabbatical” (which extends his service time for pension purposes) until August, but they are paying his replacement $210,000. The HCST is paying two superintendents for one job at total of $480,000.

The other superintendent is Marcia V. Lyles who used to be superintendent of the Jersey City schools. She was relieved of her duties back in September, but since the school board had difficulty firing her, she continues to draw her $231,000 salary plus benefits. She will reportedly continue to get paid until June 2020 when her contract runs out.

We absolutely need to go to one school district per county or property taxes will continue to crush New Jersey taxpayers.

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