Here’s a question that came up last year and still brings on a lot of debate:

Do you serve lasagna with your turkey for Thanksgiving?

Now If you’re not Italian you’re probably thinking, “no, who the hell does that?” Thanksgiving is purely turkey, stuffing, candied yams – in other words, purely Americana. Nothing ethnic, and certainly not lasagna.

However if you’re Italian-American, or if you’ll be spending the holiday with Italian friends and relatives, there’s a good chance lasagna will be on the menu – along with the turkey and everything else that goes along with it.

I bring this up because of a debate I had last year with Steve (Trevelise) over what all will be on the menu in our respective homes.

I’ll be at my daughter’s. She’ll probably be making a clam dip appetizer for starters, along with some fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, followed by homemade butternut squash soup, then the turkey, two kinds of stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, and cranberry mold (which I’ll probably glom to myself!)

He and a good many others like him include lasagna as part of a main course. Which I thought was ridiculous!

I probably lose my “Italian card” over this, but whe cares! I just can’t see the lasagna. Assuming you have an antipasto appetizer, once you’ve had a couple of plates of lasagna (because one is never enough!); there’s absolutely no room for what’s to follow.

No room for turkey, none for stuffing, candied sweets and the like.

Way too many carbs – and please, don’t give me the “you can splurge – it’s Thanksgiving!” line. It’s still too much!

However I’m sure lasagna, or ravioli, manicotti, baked ziti – in fact any pasta dish will be included on a good many New Jersey tables.

It’s what we do.

Just not me. The thought of it makes me want to gag!

Oh, and by the way, for all our Jewish friends, happy Hannukah! Don't forget the latkes!

Do you serve lasagna with turkey on Thanksgiving?