A supporter of Donald Trump tweeted several photos of former Gov. Chris Christie in an unflattering pose while dozing on a flight.

Heather Mullins shared the photos, and got lots of reaction — much of it from fellow Trump supporters, poking fun at Christie, a now two-time presidential candidate.

“When you can’t keep up with Trump and 6th+ place in the primary is already wearing you out…” she captioned one of the tweets.

Among opposing responses, someone tweeted “It’s amazing how a man in public life can sleep like a baby when he does not have 37 counts of federal felonies facing him ahead and a ruling proving him a sexual attacker as the winds at his back.”

Another wrote “I loathe Crispy, but that's a cheap shot.”

Others pointed out that Christie was holding hands with his wife, who was seated next to him while dozing. “It is cute that they still hold hands but he needs to just go away. #MAGA” one Twitter user said.

Mullins later added, “I landed, looked over my shoulder, & he looked RIGHT at me & gave a nod. He knows! LOL! Someone must have told him he went viral while in the air. It was honestly cute that he & his wife were holding hands, I hold no ill will, but stop ing on Trump to fail at getting ahead.”

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