It is so hot in New Jersey. How hot is it? It's so hot that flies appear out of nowhere in places you would never expect them to show up at.

We once had a fly in the studio. You have to ask, how can a fly get buzzed into the building, find its way to the studio, open 2 sets of heavy steel doors leading into the producer room, then the air studio just to annoy us. Once in Philadelphia, we had a fly in our studio and we were on the 10th floor!  How did the fly hit the button in the elevator??

But make no mistake about it. the flies are here and they're driving me nuts. I hate when I'm in the kitchen and out of nowhere they seem to appear. I hate chasing them around with a towel for fear that I'll break something which I usually do when I swing and miss. And they never land. Why is it they never land? Don't they get tired? I get tired. I get tired of chasing these friggin flies.

Another thing I hate is when I'm trying to work and the flies invade my office. Once while working from home a giant mosquito came out of nowhere and was flying right at me. Boy did that make for some great radio, Too bad we didn't have play by play.

What we do have though is a video of me trying to catch a fly while working at my office. Check out this video made by my sons Albert and Lennon a few years ago as their Dad tries to teach his sons how to hunt. Flies that is.

As Elmer Fudd would say, "Be beeeery quiet, I'm hunting fwies hahahaha"



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NJ cracks down on polluters at 9 sites:

NJ cracks down on polluters at these 9 sites

State environmental officials are working to get several property owners to clean up their acts around New Jersey, including in Middlesex, Mercer and Atlantic Counties.

Illegal dumping and gas and chemical contamination of water and soil are among the issues at hand in the state's lawsuits and requested court orders.

Seven lawsuits focused on "overburdened" communities address pollution in Camden, Trenton, Kearny, Secaucus, Edison, Bridgeton and Egg Harbor City, while two additional cases are based in Butler and Vineland.

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