A national travel publication has given top honors to one town in South Jersey, naming it among the most beautiful in the entire country.

The writers at Conde Nast Traveler recently released their list of the 26 most beautiful towns in America, which looked at locales from coast to coast, border to border.

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Of their rankings overall, they say,

America has some fantastic cities, sure— but the most beautiful towns in America offer something all their own. Whether they have over-the-top American charm or proximity to some of the loveliest landscapes on earth, these idylls are worth a stopover, at the very least.

And among those 26 towns is one of the brightest gems in the entire State of New Jersey — of course, we're talking about Cape May.

Cape May Lighthouse
Cape May Lighthouse (Chris Coleman, Townsquare Media NJ)

Why Cape May?

Specifically, about Cape May, Conde Nast said,

A perfect marriage of charm and history, the town’s historic Victorian district, and miles of intricate, candy-colored manses make for prime early-morning-stroll viewing. The tiny peninsula also offers some of the best birdwatching in the country—and, from March to December, fantastic whale watching.

Of course, anyone who has spent any amount of time in Cape May almost immediately wants to return. The city features dozens of bed and breakfasts, a bandstand right in the middle of town that often features live music, colorful streets, charming restaurants, countless shops offering anything under the sun, amazing beaches, and a lighthouse that has been standing for 163 years.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What other towns are as beautiful as Cape May?

Other towns making the list include Harpers Ferry, WV; Nantucket, MA; Taos, NM; and St. Augustine, Floorida. See their full list here.

Where do the locals go in Cape May?

Scroll through our entire list of cool places, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts that you will definitely want to visit the next time you are in Cape May. Enjoy!

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