We collected the two funniest calls from this week and are putting them head to head. The nominees include a bizarre punishment and a caller who was flat out confused.

Jim from Belle Meade and Mike from Ewing are up for Dennis & Judi's "LMAO Call of the Week."

Jim from Belle Meade called in when we talking about ways your protect your house. Fortunately for our entertainment, Jim didn't realize he had to turn off the radio and talk into the phone. We made the most out of it, trying to talk to Jim through the delay on the radio.

As we were discussing ways you were punished back in school, Mike from Ewing recalled a one of his craziest priests. He told us that when he and another kid got in a fight, he used to give them gloves, and that whenever they would hit each other, the priest would hit him. He also had a story about a football coach and chestnuts.

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