Many New Jerseyans like me love the winter weather and the sports that come with the season of snow.

Thankfully I'm still able to get my skis on and spend a couple of hours at various mountains close enough to NJ, maybe not for a day trip but certainly for a quick weekend getaway.

People will drive anywhere from two to six hours according to our listeners who joined the conversation.

Laura Corredor via Unsplash
Laura Corredor via Unsplash

We put the question out there about what your go-to getaway place is for the winter season.

Three of the top places are in Vermont and one place in the Poconos made the list. One of the reasons given for the choices is the manageable crowds where so many places are simply packed with kids learning and it's not as enjoyable for more advanced skiers.

So here's the listener list - happy skiing!

Stowe in Vermont

Sugarbush in Vermont

Killington in Vermont

Blue Mountain in the Poconos

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