We are dealing with a new crisis today for sure. And if you look at all the real science and facts surrounding coronavirus, much of what we are contending with today is a fabricated crisis that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. This time the enemy is within, politicians and medical bureaucrats taking advantage of fear and anxiety, much of which they caused through the complicit hacks calling themselves journalists.

That said, in 2001, the enemy was clear. Islamic extremists focused on the destruction of our way of life. Willing to kill thousands of innocents to make a point. It was a time where we were able to identify heroes among us — cops, firefighters and airline passengers all risking their lives to save others.

On today’s New Jersey 101.5 morning show, we dedicated the time to honor those fallen heroes and brought our listeners back to the day when Eric Scott worked through the then-Jim Gearhart morning show as the attacks unfolded live. We also hear from hero retired Port Authority Detective Frank Accardi who was there as the towers collapsed claiming the lives of so many brave Americans.

Today is a moment in time to remember where we have been and maybe a time to get us back on the same page as Americans.

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