Stop the madness and the propaganda! Too many adults are spreading ignorance and fear as we approach the holiday season. No, Santa is not “at-risk”. Santa has been around for almost 1,800 years! The legend goes back to the year 280 AD!

The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. It is believed that Nicholas was born sometime around 280 A.D. in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey. Much admired for his piety and kindness, St. Nicholas became the subject of many legends. It is said that he gave away all of his inherited wealth and traveled the countryside helping the poor and sick. -

Santa Claus has been appearing in retail stores in America since the 1800s.

Stores began to advertise Christmas shopping in 1820, and by the 1840s, newspapers were creating separate sections for holiday advertisements, which often featured images of the newly-popular Santa Claus. In 1841, thousands of children visited a Philadelphia shop to see a life-size Santa Claus model. It was only a matter of time before stores began to attract children, and their parents, with the lure of a peek at a “live” Santa Claus. -

The very idea that we have politically correct cowards today trying to convince kids that Santa is vulnerable to COVID, as a way of justifying the absurdity of masks and plexiglass dividers, is sad and damaging. You are better off telling your kids that Santa isn’t real. Seriously, if you destroy the legend and make the guy who flies around the world in one night giving gifts to the good little girls and boys out to be weak and fragile then you may as well stop talking about him altogether.

The "adults" who panicked over coronavirus have ruined families, businesses and literally killed people. It’s time for the normals to fight back. Don’t let these morally bankrupt, fear-mongers destroy something so close to the heart of American kids. Don’t let them trick you by thinking that plexiglass dividers and masks are "normal." No, they are not. The idea that people are being told to isolate and avoid social contact is just about the most anti-freedom, un-American thing you can do. Stop listening. Don’t comply. Fight back.

You control the message to your own kids. Don’t let the kids think that being human is to be fearful and isolated. Humanity is a history of courage, adapting to changing circumstances and overcoming obstacles. Don’t let the bastards get you down. And don’t let them take away one of the best things about the upcoming holiday season. Children believing in something larger than life. Reducing Santa Claus to a fat, vulnerable old man is a disgusting and sad testament to all of the so-called "news" we hear today. Tune it out, celebrate the holidays and keep the legend of the Real Santa Claus going in your home.

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