When the weekend comes, hundreds of racers and car enthusiasts head to Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania to enjoy the sport they love in the cars they have thoughtfully and safely restored. The reason? NJ rules prohibit vintage cars from entering competitive races on NJ tracks. The reasons are unclear, but it was only recently that these vintage cars were made legal again in the Garden State.

(Photo: Brock Jacobus)

Without the ability to compete for points and money, drivers who restore these classics take their craft (and money) to NJ's neighbors who encourage the sport. It may seem a small portion of our economy, but imagine how many "small" pockets of the NJ economy are suffering under onerous and unnecessary rules which are only serving to drive business out of NJ.

(Photo: Brock Jacobus)

We need a governor in NJ who will use the power of the executive to eliminate unnecessary regulation and empower the Department of Banking and Insurance to create a pathway that will dramatically lower the insurance cost to the many racetracks in NJ so NJ can start attracting the racers, fans, and customers from our surrounding states.

Are you a racing fan? So many people in New Jersey flood the current tracks each weekend spending money and enjoying time with family and friends. It would be great if NJ had thoughtful leaders in Trenton who understood that the goal of public policy is to increase business and prosperity, not the opposite.

Not sure if we'll see a change this November, but certainly many NJ residents are sick and tired of arbitrary rules which do nothing but limit opportunity. What's almost funny about this issue is that those being unfairly targeted by the rules aren't even sure which department to direct their complaints to although we're confident that common sense will eventually prevail, there is no overnight fix.

(Photo: Brock Jacobus)

Vintage Racing car driver Brock Jacobus joined me to discuss the outdated and onerous rules impacting vintage car racing in NJ.

(Photo: Brock Jacobus)

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