For the ladies, Tiger Beat and "16" Magazine were the bibles of growing up.

For guys, mostly it was Playboy, and they usually belonged to your father or older cousin.

(My cousin Dominick used to have stacks of them!)

As far as Tiger Beat and "16" went, my sister Laura collected them by the dozens.

And yes, she was the biggest fan of Davy Jones.

But not just him.

Pictures of Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy littered her room.

Eventually she gravitated to more "manlier" Al Pacino!

(He's actually a spitting image of my brother-in-law...but that's another story!)

Pinups came in all shapes and sizes! They were the stuff of great and unending fantasy.

So, were there to be a poll of top 10 pinups, who do you think would come out on top.

Dudes, "babeage"!

Go through your Tiger Beat collection, (or your Playboy collection), and vote!