These days, you can purchase almost anything online, and that includes tickets to see President Barack Obama speak during Rutgers 2016 commencement.

Tickets to see the president speak are limited, with each graduate being allotted three passes plus one for themselves. Armed with that knowledge, a few students have decided to capitalize on the demand by putting the tickets up for sale on Craigslist.

But with the deadline for ticket holders to provide identification information to attend the commencement just hours away, sellers hoping to make a few bucks are running out of time.

One seller on Craigslist is advertising the commencement tickets at a cost of $250 each, or best offer.

"You can buy all three or just one if you want. President Obama will be the speaker at this event," the seller states in an online ad.

Another seller, who claims to be a graduate and unable to attend the May 15 ceremony at High Point Solutions Stadium, is offering three tickets, and asking $150 for one ticket or $300 for all three.

Rutgers spokesman E.J. Miranda said he is aware that the tickets are being sold on Craiglist, but the university doesn't condone it.

"The university has done its utmost to provide graduating students and their families with an opportunity to participate in this historic Rutgers commencement," Miranda said Wednesday. "We implemented a ticket limit and specific process to obtain tickets in an effort to provide seating for as many graduates and their guests as possible. It is unfortunate that there are those who would try to profit from this event and the university in no way condones this behavior."

This year, for security reasons, the tickets will be barcoded and non-transferable and attendees will be required to have photo identification, according to the university. Ticket holders are required to register their tickets before midnight tonight.

"If you miss the deadline, you will not have an opportunity to receive tickets after that point," Kimberlee Pastva, interim secretary of the university said in a Facebook post.

After the deadline passes, Rutgers will also hold an additional ticket lottery, according to the university's Facebook page. The lottery will allow "already-registered students in New Brunswick and RBHS to obtain additional tickets for their guests on a lottery basis." Students will only be eligible for the lottery if they've already registered the tickets they were given.

"The number of tickets to be distributed in this lottery will be determined by how many seats become available after registration closes," Pastva said in a statement.

Those who aren’t able to obtain a ticket to be at High Point Solutions Stadium can still view Obama’s address and the commencement ceremony from other locations, including the College Avenue, Livingston, and Busch Student Centers.

Obama will deliver the commencement address to the Rutgers University class of 2016, which will be his final graduation speech as president. The state school is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year,

Toniann Antonelli is a social content producer for NJ 101.5. She can be reached at, or on Twitter @ToniRadio1015.