I am glad to finally be back after recovering from the flu. The morning kicked off with discussions on the transgender bathroom policy and political controversy that could potentially dictate your vote for the elections. We even spoke to Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi on opposing transgender bathrooms.

Opposition to Transgender policy is not bigotry

Yesterday, Pascack Valley Regional High School agreed to accommodate transgender students. Barriers of female and male rest rooms, locker rooms all come down based on the intended identity of the student. I don’t mean to make light of the struggle, which is called gender dysphoria. How does society deal with that pain that they go through?

It’s sad that the opposition to a very misguided hurtful policy is labeled with bigotry. We need to change this conversation because all sides have a voice that should be heard!

Some callers believe that there is an objective standard. Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi at the 39th district was the one opposing transgender bathroom policy that was put in place, which lacks parental involvement, purpose of same sex bathrooms, and sports team.  Schepisi, a mother and sponsor of anti-conversion therapy for the LGBT community discusses her viewpoint on the transgender policy in  Pascack Valley Regional High School.

Assemblywoman Schepisi opened by stating “I absolutely am supportive of the LGBT communities. I do believe the accommodations need to be made. Yet this particular policy takes things too far. I’m a parent in the school district I have heard from a lot of parent’s myself. I had no idea that similar policies were being passed in a lot of our adjacent towns, until I started receiving calls. Unfortunately those suggestions were not taken. Another issue I discussed is parental involvement with the high rate of suicide and psychological issues. Less than 1 percent of kids are actually transgender. Some of these kids are confused. We need to provide support, accommodations,” says Assemblywoman Schepisi.

Listen to more of Assemblywoman Schepisi's take on the transgender policy and why she thinks there needs to be more meaningful discussions about it from every side below.

Mother of a transgender child explains the transition process

Caller Christine from Monroe experiences the difficulty firsthand having a transgender child going through a transformation. Her daughter was biologically born male. Christine said that the schools almost went to the extreme to help provide for her transition. "Once they made provisions for her, she was much better."

Listen to a mother's take on the transgender policies below.


Should NJ Judge throw Ted Cruz off the ballot?

New Jersey is front and center of a political controversy that can possibly change the course of the election. Three south Jersey individuals are questioning Ted Cruz’s citizenship. The idea of throwing Ted Cruz off the ballot is ridiculous! Tomorrow is the deadline to vote!

Should NJ judge throw Ted Cruz off the ballad because he was born in Canada? Cast your vote below.

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