Another summer, another inspection announcement from the Attorney General and Division of Consumer Affairs. Every year compliance checks happen up and down the Jersey shore to see that boardwalk rides and games are safe and playing fair.

Attorney General Grewal said, “We don’t want anyone walking away from what should be an enjoyable trip feeling like they, or worse, their children, were taken advantage of by rigged games or deceptive sales practices.” Don't we always feel that way, even when we win? We realize we just paid four or five dollars to win a stuffed toy that wholesales at 50 cents.

Various inspectors have so far found 12 establishments in Seaside Heights and Atlantic City that were in violation of consumer protection laws and regulations. In one case 27 individual games were not playing fair. Things like crane machines with prizes too heavy or packed too tightly to ever actually be picked up. Another game where it was mathematically impossible to win the top prize in the number of allowed attempts.

I came across the video above that might help. A guy scientifically studied an amusement park's games and breaks down your chances of winning in this video. This includes some advice on which games to avoid entirely and tips on how to win certain others. Now good luck trying to score that giant stuffed banana with the dreadlocks!

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