The sight of a flag that says “Trump” on it, for some people, is akin to the red flag that is used to incite a bull in a matador’s ring. I can’t relate to the feeling, because the sight of Joe Biden‘s name does not elicit a similar response, at least for me.

But dammit if there isn’t something about those five letters — T-R-U-M and P — that can turn some people into sniveling, sweaty balls of rage. So when Toms River High School North Junior Anthony Ribeiro received a Trump flag from his aunt as a gift, he should have known better than to hang it up in his bedroom where a lefty teacher might be able to see it during his remote class instruction.

According to an article in, there are rules for remote instruction at Toms River North High School. For instance, out of respect for the Zoom classes, you can’t wear pajamas while class is going on and you cannot be in your bed. But there is no such rule for wall art or adornments.

Still, Ribeiro told the publication, his teacher caught sight of the offending flag and in an apparent snit, ordered Ribeiro to remove the flag from his wall, because ... well, Trump. The flag apparently stoked the teacher’s anger to the point where it rendered him unable to concentrate.

At the same time, according to Ribeiro, his teacher has been vocal about his political beliefs and even urged the students at one point to vote for Democrats because “Republicans don’t believe in climate change or global warming and Joe Biden and the Democrats are the people that will put light on what the science is to global warming,” according to the article.

Thankfully, Assistant Superintendent Cara DiMeo had said the teacher’s actions were wrong and that the matter had been discussed with him. Anthony’s mom brought up a good point. How can you ask a kid who is learning at home to remove something from the wall in his own home?

But in America 2020, hate for Trump has no bounds.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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