A new poll from Farleigh Dickinson University has some good news and bad news for Gov. Phil Murphy. The good news is 67% of respondents could correctly identify him as governor. The bad news is 33% had no idea. What's worse, there were 21 respondents among them who actually believed Chris Christie was still governor.

As pathetic as this makes New Jersey look, it turns out this is pretty standard across the country. A recent national poll concluded about a third of all Americans couldn't name their governor either.

So what's Phil Murphy to do? We have an idea. Our producer Joe Votruba came up with this one. Perhaps if we could all agree on a nickname for our governor that might be easier to remember. You know, like how Ronald Reagan was sometimes called the The Great Communicator. Or how Zachary Taylor was known as Old Rough and Ready. And how Jim Florio became known as Flim Flam Florio.

My first offering for a nickname for our governor involves his prominent grin and his wealth. How about Millionaire Mole-Rat? My other one had to do with the very lanky character in Nightmare Before Christmas, but in Murphy's case his name would be Hack Skellington.

So we let our listeners loose on this problem and here are some of the Phil Murphy nicknames they came up with.

Slim Shady

Phony Phil

Full Stop Murphy

The Briner Whiner

Commie Phil

Fire Marshall Phil

The Givenor

Filthy Phil

Mr. Burns




because that smile apparently reminds a lot of people of a groundhog...

Taxandphony Phil

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