Gov. Phil Murphy has announced $2 million in advanced computer science grants for 29 high schools.

“It’s an initiative to give more students access to a strong computer science curriculum in their own schools so they can prepare for good paying careers in the innovation economy," he said Wednesday during a visit to Belleville High School, which will get more than $80,000.

“An essential part of this initiative is growing the number of schools that offer their students an advanced computer science course so they can earn college credits and industry credentials.”

Murphy said the program will “put New Jersey on a course to producing the homegrown computer science graduates we need to fill the tens of thousands of open jobs in the field.”

Murphy said expanding computer science training is about creating “the New Jersey that innovative companies will look to, and where our young people will want to stay to build their careers and their families.”

State Education Commissioner Lamont Repollet said the Computer Science for All initiative will fund summer programs that prepare students for rigorous course work as well as provide professional development for teachers.

He said expanding computer science “will build academic confidence and support post-secondary success by allowing students to earn college credits and industry valued credentials.”

The commissioner pointed out that the state has many job vacancies in computer science.

“Students that have this level of academic preparation become part of the cadre of skilled workers that will fuel the innovative economy here in in New Jersey," he said.

Murphy also announced that the organization Math for America will be launching a program in New Jersey starting next fall to train public school elementary school teachers in innovating teaching practices to help students develop problem-solving skills required in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

Sessions for these teachers will be held at Montclair State University, Princeton University and Rowan University and funding for the program will be provided by the Overdeck Foundation, PSEG, Celgene, Becton-Dickinson and the Maher Foundation.



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