Often when we think of wine we think of Italy or California. But what many may not realize is that New Jersey is also home to many vineyards. Check out this article from njmom that lists a bunch winery's and vineyards located right here in the Garden State.

That got me thinking. If New Jersey had to pick one type of wine to represent those who live here, what would it be? For this debate, we'll stick with red, white, rose, or sparkling wine.

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Red wine

Red wine in general tends to have a bolder flavor, which could be a way to represent the in-your-face attitude of some New Jersians. Or, to look at it differently, to show that we're tough and take no crap from anyone. You simply don't mess with a red wine drinker.


White wine

White wines in general tend to pair well with less intense flavors. So perhaps that means those of us who drink white wine in NJ remain calm and collected under stressful situations. White wine drinkers  know how to handle the daily grind of life in New Jersey and just relax, which makes them perfectly at home here in the Garden State.

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Rosé wine

Rose wines tend to have a wide variety of flavors and are basically cut short from fully becoming a true red wine. So perhaps this could define someone from New Jersey that likes a little excitement in their life, but nothing too intense. Someone who also likes to kick back around the outdoor fire place on a cool summer evening.


Sparkling wine

Here's a fun fact: Champagne is in fact a type of sparkling wine. But sparkling wine doesn't have to be a champagne as there are many other varieties of sparkling wine out there. Champagne is a good sparkling wine to focus on, however, since it can represent a New Jersian who loves to have a great time in the Garden State. Maybe they like to celebrate at the music scene or hit the rides on the boardwalk. Or, maybe they're all about celebrating those moments out on the dance floor. Whatever it may be, a sparkling wine drinker is sure to find something to be excited about.

Jean-philippe WALLET
Jean-philippe WALLET

Personally, I don't really look much into the food pairing. I'm more of a white wine drinker myself and will almost always go for a good class of Pinot Grigio no matter what the food. I also have friends who will only go to their preferred choice, so I don't put much weight into the foods I choose to eat with my wine (cue the rebuttal from food critics).

But, the kind of wine you prefer does say something about personality, so let's see what you think about the personalities of New Jersians and which wine represents us best in the Garden State.

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