Another bet, another loss. It's probably time for me to retire from betting with Eric Scott. I'm already down a bottle of bourbon from losing the snowfall bet.

What's worse is that if I stuck with Dan Zarrow's suggestion of using the airport reading in Trenton, the bet would have been a push since I accurately estimated a one-inch total.

Moving on.

The big corporate meeting happened at the station offices on Wednesday and we came to play. Of course, the new programming and content chief, Sam, immediately called me out on the BINGO game. The good news? Yes, Sam and our general manager Brian, not to mention Senior VP Jared, have a sense of humor.

They called me out immediately on the BINGO cards that Producer Kristen and I took into the room.

Spadea's Corporate Buzzwords BINGO
Spadea's Corporate Buzzwords BINGO

And then they carefully used SOME of the words, but not enough to get to BINGO. Worse than that, we set the over/under at 75 minutes, and at minute mark 72, Sam abruptly called an end to the meeting. Thinking I've got the win, he then proceeded to keep talking and entertain comments from the attendees dragging the meeting out another 10 minutes.

Cementing my loss was the over/under on the word "content". We set the mark at 13 and I bet the under. Of course, even after a string of 5 in a row toward the end, I fell one short with a tally of 12.

Question now that I owe Eric Scott TWO bottles of bourbon, should I triple down or stop betting altogether?

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