A few years ago, I met a young man from South Plainfield after my producer at Chasing News booked him and his Dad for our FoxTV show. We were all blown away as this young kid played bass guitar as well as any accomplished musician. What made the story even more inspirational were the incredible obstacles the family had to overcome. Single dad Darnell "Big Asmar" Johnson turned his life around after some run ins with the law and got his inspiration from the commitment and drive that his son showed. Family supporting family.

Over the past few years, Big and Lil Asmar never gave up on the dream to play on the world stage and now that dream is coming true. He's calm, cool and collected in the face of big fame coming his way. We talked briefly on the morning show about his hangin' with Steve Harvey, balancing school work and getting ready for a tour in Africa next year.

Here's a quick excerpt from the website:

After first picking up a bass at the age 7, Lil Asmar immediately found his calling. The son of accomplished multi-instrumentalist Darnell Asmar Johnson, Lil Asmar was motivated to follow in his fathers footsteps and receive a serious education on the players that would become his major influences. Lil Asmar was featured on the local news and people were starting to pay attention to the kid virtuoso. He also showed incredible stage presence, jamming with professional bands at live music venues throughout the New York Tri-State Area. - lilasmar.com

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