Do you have the right stuff to be part of the team?

A New Jersey State Police recruitment drive that started Monday is continuing until the end of February.

According to NJSP trooper Luis Freites, to be considered in the selection process, a recruit must be at least 21 years old.

A recruit must have a bachelor’s degree by June 30 of this year; 60 college credits and two years of employment; or 30 college credits and 24 months of active duty military service.

Freites acknowledged a number of inflammatory incidents involving law enforcement officers and minority members across the country over the past few years has made the recruiting process more challenging.

“What we’ve been doing, we actually have created partnerships with community leaders. We have built a bridge with several communities throughout the state,” he said.

He said the message delivered to new potential recruits of all backgrounds is simple —  service above self.

“We’re looking for individuals who have a passion to serve their communities, have strong morals and character,” he said

He stressed those who express hesitancy about joining law enforcement are encouraged to give the State Police a second look.

“We want the chance to show these individuals that law enforcement is a great career, and that it’s important to be part of the solution,” he said.

Freites stressed while the NJSP welcomes members of all different minority groups to apply “we want to reach the best and brightest men and women, regardless of race, ethnicity and religion.”

“There is great career advancement within the State Police, and I think what sets us apart is we have a history of tradition, honor, duty, fidelity since 1921.”

He noted the NJSP has more than 100 different career units and partnerships with federal and state agencies.

He said the State Police doesn't have a target number of troopers to hire, and is encouraging everyone who is qualified to apply.

“Once we have received applications we will review them and then finalize the process of those men and women entering the academy,” he said.

Freites said historically, new police recruit classes have ranged between 100 and 200 people, although in some cases the classes are smaller.

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