In keeping with what's become an annual tradition, we took calls today from listeners who wanted to win my money. For $20 all they had to do was make me laugh out loud with an 'It's so hot' joke. What's challenging about this is...most of them suck! Think about it. We hear them every summer. We've heard them all before. (Well, most of them.) Things like it's so hot a dog was chasing a cat and they were both walking. It's so hot fire hydrants were hoping for dogs.

So we went to the phones. These were some of the 'It's so hot' jokes we took on air. We finally had a winner, and the winning joke is last on the list and highlighted in bold.

Emily ⁠— It's so hot my chicken laid a hard-boiled egg.

Jay ⁠— It's so hot Governor Massengill was brining the roads. (Really?)

Al ⁠— It's so hot Whoopi Goldberg put deodorant on.

Steve ⁠— It's so hot illegal immigrants are actually requesting ICE.

Greg ⁠— It's so hot Democrats are lowering taxes.

Kathy ⁠— It's so hot Ted Williams' head defrosted.

Matt ⁠— It's so hot my cat turned into a hot dog.

Bob ⁠— It's so hot Murphy said, "It's hot! Period! Full stop!"

Neil ⁠— It's so hot De Niro voted for Trump.

Maria ⁠— It's so hot my butt and breast implants are melting.

Bobby ⁠— It's so hot I'm sweating like R. Kelly at a P.T.A. meeting.

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