It happened in Newark on the 4th of July at 1:20 in the morning. A call to police about an emotionally disturbed person. They had word she had been acting violently and erratically and they were waiting for medical help to arrive.

She grew increasingly agitated and the scene turned physical when she pulled out a knife and stabbed both officers. They managed, while wounded, to get control of her and the weapon.

These officers could have drawn their guns but did not. While community loudmouths say whatever they want, I believe no jury would have convicted these officers for shooting this woman once they were being stabbed.

The city’s Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose said, “I commend both officers for exercising calm, respect and professionalism in the handling of this incident. Their exemplary demeanor is documented via their body worn cameras and clearly reflects the core values of the Newark Police Division, serving as a credit to the entire agency.”

But will anyone listen? Will anyone even talk about what these two officers did and more importantly what they didn’t do? Most stories like this go unreported across the country. The fact is police face situations like this every day across the country. Media doesn’t seem to point them out nearly often enough. If you support our police please share this story as much as possible.

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