This Flash was so good, he came around twice. John Wesley Shipp, who plays Barry Allen's father Henry as well as Jay Garrick on the CW’s hit series "The Flash," once played the Flash himself when CBS originated the series for television in 1990’s.

Did he ever think he'd don the suit again?

"I never did..." Shipp said. "Shooting the final scene of the 1991 show, I ripped the wings off and threw them in the air and I swore I'd never get back in another super hero seat as long as I lived."

Has the technology of the last 24 years improved the suit?

"The main plus for me was they no longer had to glue the cowl to my face and under my chin," Shipp said. "In the old suit once I was in it, I was in it."

He returned to the franchise and was cast opposite Grant Gustin as “Henry Allen,” the father of the series’ titular hero. John also plays the “Golden Age” version of The Flash, “Jay Garrick” on the show and will be appearing this weekend at the Garden State Comic Fest: Great Adventure Edition.

A two-time Emmy Winner, first for "As The World Turns" and his second the following year for "Santa Barbara," John is the only actor to win consecutive Emmys for two different daytime dramas.

How did they ever let you leave daytime television?

"I was cast in 'Never Ending Story 2' which was shooting in Munich, Germany and Vancouver," Shipp said. "The casting director of that film became my manager and he said, 'you have to come out to L.A.'"

Having played the Flash before, did you give Grant any advice about playing the role?

"No," Shipp said. "No in factm when I was on 'Dawson's Creek' I was kind of the elder statesman there and they said 'do you give the kids advice?' And I said 'Oh god I hope not,' ya know that'd be insufferable."

Have you ever challenged Grant to a race? Flash vs. Flash?

"Oh god no," Shipp said. "I'd never bet against my son come on... not now, maybe back then."

What are you most looking to do this weekend at the Great Adventure Garden State Comic fest?

"Oh you know they're going to be pulling me off of the Justice League ride," Shipp said.

Get details on the Garden State Comic fest: Great Adventure Edition here.

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